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What's New
What's New
Note: The features listed here are for Search Bar 1.1. This is not a list of features in Search Bar Pro, although many (if not all) of these will be available in Search Bar Pro. Check back later to see what features will be in Search Bar Pro.

New Features

I have added lots of new features to Search Bar, some of which were suggested by users.  The new features in Search Bar 1.1 include:
  • A search history
  • An option to clear the search history
  • A much easier way to choose the default search engine
  • If you don't want to choose a default search engine, you can set Search Bar to remember the last search engine used
  • Choose if you want to keep Search Bar on top of all windows
  • A "Website" search engine.  Type a url like http://members.home.com/searchbar, select the "Website" search engine and Search Bar will take you to that site.
  • You can choose which web browser you want to use with Search Bar.  If Internet Explorer is set as the default web browser for Windows, you can choose to use Netscape or pretty much any other web browser with Search Bar.
  • Option to double click on Search Bar to minimize
  • When you first start Search Bar, or restore it, the Search For box is already active so you can start typing right away. (This was something that really bugged me when I used the old version)
  • Fixed a problem when the Large Fonts option in Windows was enabled
  • On some systems, Search Bar wouldn't remember its position between uses. This should be fixed.

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Version History

Version 1.0
This was the initial release of Search Bar.

Version 1.1
See the New Features section above for the features added to this version.

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